Entrepreneur Evaluation

Which entrepreneur is the most likely to succeed? Is the entrepreneur capable of executing and leading a successful company? Evaluating the entrepreneurs personality traits, motives and risks and much much more.

Team Analysis

Scientific tools in order to spot & pick winning teams. Is the managing team capable of working together? Do they share the same vision & strategy? Are they capable of creating amazing products and services as a team? Are there any underlying risks?

Less Bias

Do you have the tools and processes in order for you to create a more unbiased investment decision? Do you want to make your decision process less biased and broaden your scope to find more great entrepreneurs?


"When venture capital investors are doing due diligence, they focus carefully on the financial side of the business. (...). But when it comes to evaluating the startup team, gut feel and intuition tend to be the main due diligence instruments that come into play. This isn’t a great approach. Data shows us that 60% of new ventures fail due to problems with the team. What makes a successful startup team?"

Eva De Mol

Harvard Business Review 2019


The Venture Investor

As venture capitalists you invest in the most promising business opportunities. But moreover, you invest in People - We offer investors science based tools to spot the winning entrepreneurs & teams.


Investment Evaluation

As investors you are great at spotting business opportunities and evaluating the financial side of business - Let our expert VC Psychologists evaluate the people side of business.


The future

Most VC's agree that people are the most important aspect of investing, but rarely use experts or scientifically proven methods in order evaluate the #1 risk and opportunity - People. This is where we come in...


"Entrepreneurs & Teams are crucial in startup and growth businesses. Investing in this kind of evaluation pays itself back very quickly."

Finnish Venture Capitalist


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What is Mindly?

Mindly offers tools for venture financing professionals in order to evaluate Entrepreneurs & Teams. Our tools help you evaluate people behind promising companies and discover potential risks and opportunities. In addition, our service helps you implement tools and processes in order to make less biased investment decisions. By some estimates 60% of startups fail due to problems with the team. We are here to assess that risk and opportunity. We bring you (the investor) the tools to predict which entrepreneurs and teams will succeed. 

What are our evaluation methods?

We use scientifically proven methods and expert psychologists in order to evaluate entrepreneurs & teams. Our tools are based on hundreds of scientific studies on entrepreneurial traits globally and we offer everything from simple forms to expert psychological interviews in order to evaluate the people behind the companies. Overall, with the cooperation of expert psychologists we have developed scientific tools to evaluate the likelihood for entrepreneurial success.

How much does it cost?

First and foremost, we offer 2 yearly subscriptions which gives you access to all of our evaluation tools in order to spot and pick the most promising entrepreneurs and teams. Secondly, in the Pey-Per-Analysis -model, we bill based on every analysis we conduct for your potential investments. We work globally and travel expenses are added to our billing. 

How are the findings reported?

We report our analysis and key findings directly to you in written and in verbal (if needed). You will receive a detailed analysis and a recommendation letter on how likely the entrepreneur/team is to succeed (+personality risks etc.). In addition, the entrepreneur & the team will be given a report on what our expert VC psychologists have found.

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